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About the company - General
Jemedic is a Swedish pharmaceutical company mainly working as contract manufacturer against the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry of soft well tasted suck and chewable lozenges.

This dosage form requires special knowledge to fulfill all GMP requirements. It needs long experience from both the pharmaceutical and the confectionary industries, which Jemedic possesses.

In a small company like Jemedic there are lots of opportunities for quick changes and improvements on all the customers' requirements. Our expectation is to have long relations (partnership) with each of our customer and we can offer innovative products and service possibilities.

On right time with right quality satisfy our customers' needs of soft well tasted lozenges, both registered and non-registered. On customer's requirements and desires develop new products.

Jemedic AB, Lötängsgatan 7, 803 01 Gävle, Sweden. Phone. +46 26 544580, Fax +46 26-141012Gecko Solutions