Jemedic perform and develop products according to costumers' requests. We offer our costumer innovative products according to our concept of soft lozenges.

Jemedic has long and genuine experience of developing lozenges, which benefit our costumers.

Gum Arabic (Acacia gum) is mainly used as the base, when developing of lozenges, but even other hydrocolloids could be used. Form, colour and taste could be used in endless variations. We put in great efforts to achieve well tasted and sugar free lozenges.

It is possible to transform your existing dosage form (for examples liquid and solid forms) to well tasted lozenges.

Depending on the product status as pharmaceutical or food supplement we adjust the documentation to be used for application of registration.

In other words we support you with full service from A-Z

Please contact us for further discussions of product developing.

Jemedic's development process
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