The facility is placed in Gävle about 160 km north of Stockholm and is GMP certificated by Swedish Medical Product Agency. The annual capacity is 900 tons of lozenges, with lot size from 0.3 to 1.5 million lozenges.

The manufacturing begins with preparation of a mixture, often based of Gum Arabic (Acacia gum) Then the mixture pours out into prefabricated powder moulds in a so called Mogul moulding machine. This is the same type of moulding machine that is used in the confectionary industry, but the machine is modified to suite the pharmaceutical manufacturing. Thereafter the lozenges are drying to required consistency and could then be sieved from the powder. It demands genuine experience to get exact amount of active ingredient in each lozenge, which is a claim in the pharmaceutical industry.

The lozenges will be polished and packaged, normally in carton boxes, but could also be package in blister or other packaging types for example sachets and bottles.

Of course all our pharmaceuticals and natural remedies are validated.

Flow sheet of process
Flow sheet of process
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