Product areas for Lozenges
We are working mainly with substances that affect locally in the mouth and throat or absorbs in the mouth mucous membrane to attain immediate effect.

Below are some examples of product areas that lozenges are effective and preferable in:

  1. local affect or alleviate within areas as tooth care, cough and cold, sore on lips or oral dryness.
  2. attaining immediate effect through the mouth mucous membrane within areas as motion sickness, sleeping difficulty, analgesics, bracing, non-smoking repayments therapy or allergy.
There are lots of other areas where soft lozenges could be an excellent alternative. Dosage forms for children could be one, where it is possible to make well tasted lozenges.
Jemedic is working constantly to develop lozenges within new areas. Please contact us for discussions.

In addition there are several advantages for the consumers such as;

  • quickly absorbed through the mouth mucous membrane to the bloodstream.
  • Easy to take along
  • No need for water
  • Well tasted for long period
  • Ideal as children dosage form
  • Possibility to masking bad tastes
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